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What is Psynoodlex?

What do people want to know about, all galactic day, every galactic day from an intergalactic, interspecies psychic? I’ll tell you what: intergalactic, interspecies sex.

Q. What do I do with the fifth vagina that pops up on the lateral flank of the Xylocroricus during equinox on Blargthon-6? – Unprepared in Uoark’khoy

A. Nothing. It’s a holographic vagina. Just admire it, and stay busy with the other four. Enjoy!

Ask Mickie, Episode 1008, Intergalactic Gazette Syndicated

…or, here’s another repeat. This one must come up ninety-two times per dual lunar cycle, at least:

Q. I’m an anthropocentric hephalopod in my in my 862nd heliocentric rotation. After a recent nonreproductive sexual encounter with a human, three of my tentacles turned red in the scaly tips and one fell off. What should I do? – Tentacleless in Txyoxl

A. Congrats! The encounter was not as nonreproductive as you were led to believe. You’re on the path to self-reproduction. Hope you put away enough credits to support 105 little anthropocentric hephalopod juniors. Start picking names now…you’ve only got 25 heliocentric rotations to decide!

Ask Mickie, Episode 1851, Intergalactic Gazette Syndicated

My name is Mickie Silver, and I’m the only intergalactic interspecies psychic in the whole universe, probably in the multiverse. What do all the sentient creatures of the entire universe need my psychic power for? You guessed it: they all read my interspecies sex advice column.

You may remember me as the author of such informational pamphlets as:

  • Millicent’s Misadventures on Blargthon-6
  • Alex Gets Trapped in the Sex Multiverse

And many more!

Now available for individual, couples, thruples, quadruples, quintuples, and sextuples coaching. Contact me for rates!

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