How many of these stories are asexual panromantic?

Roughly all of them, depending on-

What about Alex Gets Trapped in the Sex Multiverse? Is that asexual panromantic?

Basically, yes.

What do you mean, “basically”?

I mean, there’s a romantic breakup at the beginning of the story that absolutely devastates Alex. But if you read closely, you’ll see that there are no gender assignments then or at any point in the story.

So what’s the panromantic aspect of it? Doesn’t Alex become a tardigrade pretty quickly?

And then a tapeworm, yes. I mean, the story builds up to the panromance. You’ll see. Just read it. It’s a pleasure. You’ll like it. If not, it’s just two miserable hours of your otherwise glorious life down the drain.

I prefer asexual aromantic space adventures. Got anything for me?

Yes, try Millicent’s Misadventures on Blargthon-6. Millicent is asexual and aromantic, but the story ultimately is panromantic in the sense that…well, you’ll see. I don’t want to spoil it for you. Millicent experiences one exception to her asexuality.

Is it tentacles? Because that’s a thinly veiled…I’m going to say not at all veiled…cishet norming of alien sexuality and I just won’t stand for that in my asexual space adventure erotica.

Nope. Totally agree. We’re not doing tentacle porn here. There’s plenty of that available. Not judging if that’s your thing. Tentacles are great. Hey, I’ve even got one of mine on the cover of the series! That’s how pro-tentacle I am.

Aren’t all these definitions based on the human species of Earth?

Earth can go blarg itself. Wait until you see what the multiverse has got going on.